Rejuvalash Reviews Are In – It works!

Anyone that grew up in the 90’s has been a victim of disappearing eyebrows. I remember after watching Drew Barrymore in Mad Love, I nearly plucked out all of my eyebrows just because I had to do everything she did.

Still to this very day, I still suffer from over plucking. But unlike the 90’s where walking around looking surprised was some-what in fashion. Today, you’ll be ridiculed and laughed at.

And this is exactly what happened to me just a few weeks ago. I pride myself in being a beauty guru, but I guess even the greatest makes mistakes! After a meeting one day, my co-worker pulled me aside and commented on my eyebrows. She said your eyebrows are supposed to start from the side of your nose and arch from the middle of your eye. If that was the case, my set of brows probably looked like starving baby caterpillars running away from each other! Horrified by this realization, I started to panic. What should I do? Eyebrow tattoo? Get bangs? Shave them off and act as if I had done it on purpose? Surely I can pull that look off …right?

Of course not! That’s when my co-worker told me about Rejuvalash. She too had gone tweezer-happy not too long ago. Though she admitted not as bad as mine, but she said Rejuvalash resurrected her brows in no time at all! At this point, I was desperate so I thought, why not? And let me tell you, this product is a miracle in a tube.


So what happens when you accidently resemble the long lost cousin of Ronald McDonald?

First, let me educate you a little on your eyebrows.

All hair on your body grows in three stages: growth, resting, and shedding. The average cycle of eyebrow growth is 2-3 weeks. This means it will take close to 3 weeks for your eyebrows to startto come back in and over a month for it to be the same length as your other brow hairs.

Here is what you’ve got to do!

First off, you will need to teach yourself to properly fill in your brows. Pencils and powders are the easiest to use. Pick a colour that is two shades lighter than your hair if you are brunette or darker, and two shades darker if you are blonde. Fill them in with a light touch to keep them looking natural and avoid looking like a drag queen. Drawing in your brows will only give you a temporary solution, it won’t look perfectly natural but the idea is to create an illusion and not draw too much attention to them.

Second, get Rejuvalash, this is the miracle product I was talking about. Rejuvalash, a lash and brow growth serum, contains an active ingredient called Enzyme EPM that contains 10 amino acids, vitamin E, and vitamin C. These nutrients in Rejuvalash will help speed up the growth of your brows by nurturing the follicles. When you tweeze hairs out, thus removing it from the bulb, you are forcing the follicles to grow a new baby hair which are usually light and thin. By using Rejuvalash, this accelerates the growth of hair from within the follicle resulting in a more mature hair from the very start.

My co-worker lent me her tube of Rejuvalash, and I started using it right away. Within a weekmy brows were starting to come in! At the end of two weeks, I was in the salon getting my brows professionally done. My brow specialist thought I had missed a few appointments because they were so grown in! Little did she know, just a week ago there was barely anything there! I told her about my little incident and she was so amazed, she is now recommendingRejuvalash to all her clients. I left the salon with my head held high and a brand new woman; it’s amazing what perfectly defined brows can do for your confidence!

Since this incident, I had purchased my own tube of Rejuvalash and use it on my lashes with just as great success. Also I keep it on hand just in case I ever go tweezer-happy again. Never fear over plucking again!